Sunday, May 28, 2023
Welcome to's Advertiser Portal, serving the entire Bankrate Network. The Advertiser Portal is a comprehensive resource for managing your Rate Table advertising, for any of the Bankrate programs in which you are participating. From this page, you can manage your rates via Bankrate's Rates Entry System (ODES/ADES) log in to any of our Rate Table advertising programs, or obtain more information at any step. You can access Bankrate's programs using the shortcut pull-down menu, or from the login link next to the program descriptions below.

Rates Entry [ODES/ADES]
Description: The Online Data Entry System (ODES) and Automated Data Entry System (ADES) allow you to update your rates which will appear on, change dates for those rates entered into the system, as well as update online advertiser comments. In addition, ODES allows you to add or delete products (e.g. 30 year fixed mortgage) to any product group (e.g. mortgages) for which you are contracted.
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CPC Rate Table Program
Description: Bankrate’s Cost Per Call and Cost Per Click (CPC Program) provides a performance-based, cost effective method for reaching Bankrate's qualified, in market consumers. Advertisers will enjoy greater control and flexibility over their marketing dollars, which means better campaign performance and higher ROIs.
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Contextual Sponsored Link Program
Description: Bankrate's Contextual Sponsored Link Program allows you to reach Bankrate's in-market audience on an auction-based, bidding CPC format, and expand your listings beyond the rate table pages. In addition to appearing on the rate table pages, Bankrate's Contextual Sponsored Links appear throughout our calculator and editorial pages. Bankrate has partnered with Industry Brains to deliver this advertising opportunity.
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